GED Testing (Brian Smith)
   GED Program Update

Integrating Career Awareness (KayLynn Hamilton)
   Integrating Career Awareness PPT
Integrating Career Awareness Curriculum Guide
What Is a Study Circle?
Pennsylvania Career Pathways Resources

Teaching Vocabulary (Kimberly Johnson)
   Teaching Vocabulary PPT
Workshop Highlights
Sentence Frame
Plan, Practice, Reflect
Peer Dictation Steps
Peer Dictation for Writer
Paul Nation Quiz

College & Career Readiness Standards (Becki Lemke)
   Math Unit 1 PPT
   Math 1 Participant Materials
   English/Language Arts Unit 1 PPT

ELA 1 Participant Materials

Summer Summit 2015 COABE Sharing Resources
   Common Mistakes Made by Non-English Speaking Students
Have You Paid Your Rent? Servant Leadership in Correctional Education
Free Technology Tools for the Classroom
Immigrants in the US -- The ILC
Immigration Timeline
   Implementing Culturally Responsive Teaching for Adults with Low Literacy
Metacognitive Skills for the Low-Level Learners
Metacognitive Skills for the Low-Level Learners Links to More Learning
Sample Letter for ADHD Accommodations
Sample Letter for Physical or Chronic Health Disabilities Accommodations
Sample Letter for Psychological or Psychiatric Accommodations
Teacher Worksheet for Encouraging Self-directed Learning
Vocab Strategies
Vocabulary Sentence Frames
COABE Pre-Conference: Creating a Plan for Instruction Constructed Response for GED 2014 RLA and Social Studies Items
PC 1-0 Learning Plan Presentation
PC 1-1 Learning Plan
PC 1-2 Learning Plan
PC 2-1 Learning Plan
PC 2-2 Learning Plan
PC 2-3 Learning Plan
PC 2-4 Learning Plan
PC 2-5 Annotated Writing Sample
PC 2-6 Steps for Drafting a Constructed Response
PC 3-1 Assessment Plan
PC 3-2 Assessment Plan
PC 3-3 Assessment Plan
PC 3-4 Assessment Plan

CRCAIH Health Advocacy Training Curriculum
   Module 1: Becoming an Advocate
Module 2: How to Read Medication Labels and Prescriptions
Module 3: Healthy Eating
Module 4: Physical Activity
COABE 2015: New Partners, New Perspectives PPT