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Membership Focus

The focus of the South Dakota Association for Lifelong Learning is to promote and provide professional growth and development for adult educators in South Dakota:

  • Promoting and providing lifelong learning opportunities for all adults.
  • Serving as the voice for political issues that affect the livelihood of adult education.
  • Furnishing a link to other resources concerned with professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Providing a resource for new and expanding opportunities in the field of lifelong learning.

Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to SDALL membership. Members receive the following:

  • Eligibility for scholarships to attend local, regional, national, or virtual professional development
  • Recognition for accomplishments and contributions
  • Statewide leadership opportunities.
  • Access to classroom resources
  • Everlearning newsletter covering adult education issues and activities
  • Year-round professional development opportunities
  • Connections with a network of specialists and organizations
  • A collective voice which can influence political decision makers
  • National COABE membership

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