There is an option for long term, experienced adult education instructors to receive their AEIDP credential

This avenue for the AEIDP credential is intended for instructors who have been working continuously in the field of adult education and may have taken their new teacher training prior to 2013.  This process is comprised of 3 topics rather than the 6 topics covered by the current new teacher training.  The AEIDP reviews relevant research, evidence-based methodologies, learning-philosophies, and instructional frameworks. Participants must successfully complete the following 3 units to earn this credential.

TABE 11 & 12 Certification

Data Recognition Corporation provides a free online training for programs interested in having their staff certified as TABE Test Administrators. TABE Certification consist of two unique, hour-long presentations, each of which is followed by a 30-item test. Upon successfully completing the training and passing the tests participants will be certified to handle, score, and proctor TABE 11&12 tests. Participants can elect to print their Certificate of Completion, save it for later use, or have it emailed to them.  These certificates should be attached to the AEIDP certification application.

View the South Dakota webinars which outline the core performance guidelines for Title II programs under WIOA

Applicants should view the series of five webinars outlining the key performance components of WIOA and complete the survey to demonstrate comprehension of key knowledge areas.

Completion of the AE-IDP study circle assignments

This study circle is designed to provide additional tools that you can use to enhance your teaching and lesson planning. It also serves as a forum for discussion with your colleagues from the face-to-face training. The text for the study circle is Teaching Adults: A Practical Guide for New Teachers by Ralph G. Brockett. 

You can access the study circle at using class code mlc0ikh.  All assignments will be available when you enter the classroom.

NOTE: You will need a Google account to enter the classroom. 

Reflection 1: Getting Started

Reflection 2: Keys to Effective Teaching

Reflection 3: Planning Instruction

Reflection 4: Knowing Yourself and Creating a Positive Environment

Reflection 5: Overcoming Resistance to Learning and Motivation

Reflection 6: Dealing with Dilemmas and Challenges

Complete the Online Application for Certification